Top 5 Cubes Downloaded in May 2011

May was an interesting month for Starting Cube. A series of four cubes focused on Motivation & Uncertainty was released during two weeks, all are in the “top 5” downloads for the month.

We also had the look-back at April & the first four months of StartingCube, partly to see if people continued to listen to those same episodes. One stayed in the top 5, and the others all were downloaded, but the number of downloads in May changed. Not a surprise, the new episodes are promoted more.

Really I am going to look at 7 episodes, because the last four had the same number of downloads.

#1. Cube 33 – Organizations: Machine or Human

mp3 – 6:07]

A big focus here was “What is ‘the market’?” and what are we all trying to do with our lives. One of the draws to this episode might be that the two people in it are not only studied in economics, but also make art & collaborated together on two rap videos with the purpose of educating people about both economics & history.

#2. Cube 35 – The Story of Stories

[mp3 – 6:21]

This was the first of the series of four on Uncertainty & Motivation.

It also makes me think of Cube26 with Conan talking about how we all are just trying to make it through [another great episode to listen to when uncertain or unmotivated]. To build a dream, you will need to tell a story, for you need more people to make it happen.

#3. Cube37 – Motivation : Why you are having issues

[mp3 – 6:57]

Money is not a great motivator. It use to be, but it is not now. This episode gets into lots of examples of how less and fewer people are living in a “manage making sure they work” situation, either due to organization restructure or just people seeking out work that is fulfilling. I once told a guy that I did not care about money. He did not believe me. Today, years later, I know that yes I do some stuff for money, if the money is not good enough (or opportunity not good enough) then  I don’t do it, but it’s still not my primary reason for actions.

People of my generation, and I am not sure which one that is, fit this to a higher degree than generations before who were indoctrinated to having a money focused world view. I’m still a capitalist, but that is because it’s the best way to improve the world, not because of my wish for stuff.

Part of the Uncertainty & Motivation series of four cubes.

T#4. Cube 25 – How to Succeed

[mp3 – 7:47]

I put this one first among the ties because it is the most impressive. It’s been out so long that it should not be able to be in the top 5 again, but it is so good that it is.

This episode is still the first episode I believe people should listen to, because it explains why taking in an episode of Starting Cube on a regular basis will help you build your dreams.

T#4. Cube 36 – Rework Your Work To Work

[mp3 – 9:34]

To generate big solutions, products, or changes it takes long periods of time. This time might be at one time, or spread over years.

There are different types of distractions that can prevent you from making that big breakthrough, but time might be the biggest one.

Part of the Uncertainty & Motivation series of four cubes.

T#4. Cube 38 – Life Change

[mp3 – 5:46]

How do you react to an emergency? What about when your best laid plans do not pan out?

Part of the Uncertainty & Motivation series of four cubes.

When you are stunned & dazed from an event … what do you do? What are your options? When you first see that Black Swan …

T#4. Cube 34 – Life is too Complex for One Tweet

[mp3 – 6:20]

“The Secret of Life”
One of the most interesting thing to me about the Bible is that there are many opposite sayings, ideas, etc within it. Some take this as the Bible contradicting itself. How could this guidebook tell people to both give give give & save up as much money as you can.

The answer I have come to is that they don’t all apply to an individual at one time. Sometimes you need that message of give give give. Other times you need a reminder that you need to save for the future.


Closing Thoughts

There are many reasons I work on Starting Cube, but today is a great example. I went through several episodes & am better for it.

In May, multiple times I have sent a particular episode to someone because it was a great example for what they are going through & have received praise and thanks.

I also know that many people have picked up books, started tv series, and subscribed to podcasts due to first being introduced through

I thank all who have either sent words of encouragement, or shared episodes with others, or both.

What has been your favorite episode so far?

~Jonathan Nation

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