Cube51 – The Right Stuff

We all make decisions every day. Then we live with the results.

This cube features Paul Winkler on his radio program he podcasts, The Investor Coaching Show, looking at an article about how some employer are striving to keep their best employees around. See if either yourself or your organization have been handcuffed due to past decisions.


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Starting Questions:

  1. Are there lifestyle changes you need to make to achieve a bigger dream?
  2. What does your organization promote for those involved?
  3. Has past decisions severely limited options you or your organization have today?

Cube30 – Short Term vs Long Term Thinking

We who are striving to build something great are optimists, and encouraged by good results. Paul Winkler, the investor coach,  talks with a caller to The Investor Coaching Show about when someone presents you an offer that seems great, but involves paying you to purchase or invest.


Then the conversation gets into how we react to positive results.


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Starting Question:

What was the best point, or thought that crossed your mind as you listened?