Cube46 – Survive, Upgrade & Win

Survivor is a TV game show that lasts over a month and has very little rules, it’s filed in many countries, but at the end of the twenty-second USA season, a couple very insightful thoughts came from the man refereed to as Boston Rob.

During Survivor : Redemption Island there was one person who was central to lots of friction : Special Agent Philip.

The Cube today focused on two points where Rob presents some thoughts:

  • Addressing how he could stand Philip
  • Why he should be selected/elected/voted as the winner

If you ever have run for election, or tried to get someone to part with money (either make a sale or donate to a cause) this is a great cube for you.


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Starting Questions:

  1. Do you have a dream you are willing to spend a third of your life to achieve?
  2. What about 10 years?