Month 3 Update & Questions

Today we celebrate three months of Starting Cube.

26 episodes have been released, with Episode 25 – How to Succeed being the fastest to be downloaded.


How to Succeed is an important episode to me because is sorta outlines why I see StartingCube as so valuable for anyone striving for a dream bigger then themselves.


Of the 26 episodes; the cube came from:

  • Books = 8 times
  • Podcasts = 9 times
  • Quotations = 3 times
  • Radio / Podcast = 1 time
  • Record = 1 time
  • Story Quotation = 1 time
  • tv shows =3 times

Might look at adding more tv & movies into the mix.


Looking For:

We are looking for ideas for cubes, please send any you have in.



We are looking for a better understanding of who you are and what you have done.

This month we are looking to see how many of our fans have used the site, social media we are in, and sharing with others.


Thanks for following, sharing, and providing feedback. It helps us better help you build your dreams.


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Month Update 2 – looking for Feedback

Today we celebrate two months of Starting Cube being produced and released.

The focus of month 2 was to work on the workflow of producing a show & related materials.

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