Cube32 – How to Game Google ?!?!?

Many people obsess about their rankings in Google searches. Maybe instead of spending time and lots of energy on SEO and other dark arts, look at what Google says they care about.

In this cube, Matt Cutts, Chief Google WebSpam Executioner, tells what Google is looking for, and moving towards.


Over a year after this cube from This Week in Google 30, the same message has come from Google over and over & they are more effective at the things they have talked about.


Now, compare what you think about vs what Google thinks about.


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Starting Question:

How do you determine the direction of yourself, or organization you are involved with?

Cube28 – When Blocked You

When a group of people comes upon a obstical and overcomes it, there are at least two stories to tell. This cube from TWIg 80 features two tracks, one on technology developed to help people communicate, and one of people trying to stop communication & how the world has changed.

TWIg 80 was recorded on February 2nd 2011 – after the start of the issues in Egypt, but a while before anything in Libya.


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Starting Questions:

  1. What do you do when you encounter a failpoint, or blockage in your path?
  2. Has technology allowed you to communicate with more people? How?
  3. What are some systems you could bring together to achieve your goals?
  4. … … what questions came to your mind as you listened?

Cube0006 – You Can Find Me At

Where is your location? What is your Identity? What Brand are you building?

This cube deals with these issues both online, and then the same issues tackled apply in your personal life, business, or organization you are building.

Clips come from:

Social Media Serenity 75 with Cliff Ravenscraft & Erik Fisher

This Week In Google 34 with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, & Gina Trapani

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Like always, please share your thoughts either in the comments, or your own brand – then post a link to what you said.