Cube59 – Do More : Building Fans & Customers

All organizations, and most people, are looking for more fans, supporters, volunteers, employees, customers, or simply put people who like them and what them to win.

This cube draws from two sources:
Real Life Real Estate Investing, a radio show out of Cincinnati, OH, hosted by Vena Jones-Cox & released as a podcast.
Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

The specific episode of Real Life Real Estate Investing originally aired the 29th of June 2011 [mp3 & rss]

The clips from Thou Shall Prosper come from the timestamps of roughly 6:54:30 and 8:48:12 into the close to 18 hour audiobook full of great thoughts and information.


[mp3 – 10:30] One-Click Subscriptions: Zune : iTunes : RSS


Starting Questions:

  1. Are there things you do that if you could not others would be lost & you need to write more down?
  2. How are you building stuff to make your fans/supporters/volunteers/employees/customers achieve their goals?
  3. How can you better communicate with people?

Cube34 – Life is too Complex for One Tweet

Look before you leap
He who hesitates is lost

Be careful what you wish for

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Out of sight, out of mind

Don’t cross that bridge before you come to it
A stitch in time saves nine

The customer is always right

How do you eat an elephant?

There are many one liners out in the world. This cube features a section of the book Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin where he speaks of the danger of sticking to a simple secret to life.



[mp3 – 6:20] One-Click Subscriptions: Zune : iTunes : RSS


Starting Question:

What is the short statement you live your life by?