New Artwork Gallery opened with 5 month Celebration

StartnigCube started 5 months ago today.

It’s been a wonderful five months, that has flown by. New parents are often told that the days are long and the years are short. With this show, the episodes creation has been long at times, but the months have been short.

We have released 44 episodes of StartingCube, reaching people in 48 countries around the world. With 30.92% of our visitors returning at least once.


5 episodes that have many people really liked … or hated:


Of the 44 episodes, they came from:

  • Books = 15 times
  • Podcasts = 16 times
  • Quotations = 3 times
  • Radio / Podcast = 2 times
  • Record = 1 time
  • Story Quotation = 1 time
  • tv shows = 4 times

Thanks to those who have provided feedback, promoted StartingCube, and build your dreams.



We have always had a unique image associated with each Cube. Now we have a way you can see them easier:

There are three types now:
Newest First
Oldest First

One thing you might consider doing is loading up the Random Artwork page each morning & listen to one of the episodes. This is a great way to fill your head with something worth pondering through the rest of the day.

Top 5 Cubes Downloaded in April 2011

Four months of StartingCube released. 35 episodes down featuring books, podcasts, quotations, radio, and TV shows.

It has been an interesting 4 months. We love the feedback we receive, the tweets, facebook likes, and sharing with others who are interested in building something great and need brain food.


In the future months, the plan is to have a little more news posts, like the top downloads for the previous month. To start that off, here are the top 5 downloads in April.


Top 5 most downloaded episodes in April 2011:

#1. Cube 25 – How to Succeed

[mp3 – 7:47]

This episode is the starting point we recommend for people first looking at StartingCube. It is a good example of what the show has evolved to & the reason why first listening, then joining in conversation about the cubes are so important.

The general message of guarding your heart, or your mind, is an important one. Being intentional about what you fill your brain with is a common theme among most who have been successful.

#2. Cube 28 – When Blocked You …

[mp3 – 8:26]

This episode is an interesting look at how people & cultures deal with roadblocks. In nature, a river will just cut a new path around a roadblock, no matter if it is a big rock that fell in the river or a structure made by man or animal.

The question on a personal level is more about – what do you do when you meet resistance?

This was also a neat episode because it shows how when communications technology “broke” for people, they still wanted to connect & found a way.

#3. Cube 24 – How to Produce

[mp3 – 6:57]

The story Andy Traub tells in this episode & the enthusiasm he expresses is inspiring.

You probably fall into one of two camps. One is people who stretch themselves too thin. The other is of people who do not take enough action. Could be because you believe you don’t know enough, you are afraid of failing, or you don’t know enough to know what could happen.

No matter what the reason, or camp you are in, this is a good, inspiring episode.

The resulting items are a video & a workbook titled: Achieving Success in Business and Life. The 47 page workbook is available for free.

#4. Cube 2 – the Billionaire to the Millionaire

[mp3 – 3:31]

A story that a Billionaire focuses on.

Becoming a billionaire might or might not be your big harry audacious goal (BHAG), dream, or vision, but to achieve your BHAG you probably need the same advice given to the millionaire Dave Ramsey.

#5. Cube 26 – Do Your Best

[mp3 – 6:43]

Inside the Actors Studio is a great show. Conan O’Brian on Inside the Actors Studio was a great time when Conan was funny & insightful, not only on the world of late night shows, but also just on success and achievement.

It’s funny how a phrase that is the Cub Scout Motto  – Do Your Best – is a key to success in a business where you have to create new content.

At times, this episode is encouraging when we’re stressing too much about the next episode of Starting Cube. There are just so many elements we think about when deciding “what to use next” that sometimes, we just have to ask “what is best option?”, go with it and then get ready for the next project.


Looking at downloads in the first 4 months:

Episodes released during April were Cube 24 – Cube 32, so three of those were sorta expected, but there have been so many downloads of Cube 25 – How to Succeed that it is now #4 on the all time download list. The next episode that seems out of place on the all time list at #9 all time is Cube 16 – Getting Approval to Build Your Dream, a controversial episode. Followed by Cube 11 – Why Me? at #10 all time; the rest of the top 10 all time are Cubes 1 – 7, which is expected — that the oldest episodes have the most downloads.