Cube0019 – Media Earthquake

How did you hear about the last natural disaster or other major news event? Have your media consumption habits?

After the recent earthquake in Japan, the cast of Tech News Today (a daily show about technology news) talked about how they learned of the quake & their reactions to the traditional mass media coverage.

From Tech News Today 197 with Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane.

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Starting Questions:

  1. How have the media consumption habits changed for your clients?
  2. How would your clients or prospective clients want to hear news from you?
  3. Does the message you are putting out fit the method of delivery?
  4. … … what questions came to your mind as you listened?

Cube0018 – What Do You Do?

Most people confuse the method of medium for the message or value provided.

This cube comes from This Week in Tech 290 and mostly features Leo Laporte & Om Malik talking about differences between the method for delivering value, and the value that is provided.


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Starting Questions:

  1. What value does the character in the image provide at the Renaissance Festival?
  2. What real value do you provide to your clients, friends, organization you volunteer for?
  3. … what questions came to your mind?