Cube33 – Organizations: Machine or Human


This cube features a segment from the EconTalk episode Papola on the Keynes Hayek Rap Videos.

Russ Roberts & John Papola have worked together on, with two main rap videos:
Round 1: Fear the Boom and Bust
Round 2: Fight of the Century

In this cube, the focus is a problem facing everyone – how we make our lives better? If working through an organized group of people, business or not, the direction tends to either be one like building a robot, or focusing on the building block people.


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Starting Question:

How would you like to be treated as a part of a business or other organization?

Cube0023 – Genius of the And

Have you ever been involved in an organization that had an internal conflict, like in a non-profit the fund-raising vs program people?

Jim Collins shows how to build an enduring great company in Built To Last. Built to Last is recommend only after his later book Good To Great; Cube4 – The Good View came from that Good To Great.


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Starting Questions:

  1. What seemingly Conflicting goals do you have?
  2. Have you seen a group, business, or organization do a great job  with “And”?
  3. … … what questions came to your mind as you listened?