Cube48 – I Don’t Know : The Truth Many Will Not Say

This cube comes from July 2009, an episode of EconTalk where Russ Roberts talks with Justin Fox. This particular segment focused in on precision & how people react under stress & uncertainty.


a branch of economics dealing with the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of the entire economy. This includes a national, regional, or global economy.

~ wikipedia on Macroeconomics

To learn more about John Keynes, you might want to watch the videos linked to in Cube 33 Organizations: Machine or Human.


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Starting Questions:

  1. Are there desired results that you really cannot measure easily or completely?
  2. Do you really want answers or do you want the truth?
  3. Think of someone who tends to say “I don’t know” – what profession is that individual in?


Cube39 – Open Trade Solutions

Trade is a basic idea of exchanging something you want to have less for something you wish to have more. Don Boudreaux in a Cato Institute daily podcast presented Trade Deficit Delusions , but the cube today is a little more focused on two topics:

  • should you work on getting more people involved & what happens when you do
  • how Athens became a large city in a short time & what that means to our society


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Starting Questions:

  1. How are you getting others, either paid or not paid, to help with your cause?
  2. Have you done anything to help others build their dreams recently?


Cube33 – Organizations: Machine or Human


This cube features a segment from the EconTalk episode Papola on the Keynes Hayek Rap Videos.

Russ Roberts & John Papola have worked together on, with two main rap videos:
Round 1: Fear the Boom and Bust
Round 2: Fight of the Century

In this cube, the focus is a problem facing everyone – how we make our lives better? If working through an organized group of people, business or not, the direction tends to either be one like building a robot, or focusing on the building block people.


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Starting Question:

How would you like to be treated as a part of a business or other organization?