Cube29 – Freedom System


Most people dream of freedom. If you “own” a business, or are not an employee, there is a high change one of your reasons why is because you want the freedom or to avoid the lack of freedom you would have as an employee.


What happens if you discover that you don’t own a business, but rather own a job?

This cube comes from the second part of the book Rich Dad; Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki  titled Cashflow Quadrant.


It begins with a quick explanation of the Cashflow Quadrant, the E, S, B, & I. Followed by the main clip talking about the differences between being Self-Employed and a Business Owner. Finally a key to gaining long term financial wealth, no matter which of the four quadrants you primarily make money.



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Starting Questions:

  1. … … What came to your mind as you listened?
  2. How free are you?
  3. What do you plan on changing?

Cube0003 – What are you building for others?

This podcast episode brings you a cube from episode titled Garett Jones on Macro and Twitter .

The specific clip deals with building patterns, processes, cultures and organization capital.


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What came to mind as you listened to this clip?