StartingCube – Top Downloads December 2011

This post turned out pretty long because it really touches my life in a very deep way. In preparing this I normally reviewed one episode per day, wrote my reactions, and then let it roll around in my head until I was fully recharged and ready to go again.

#1. Cube 50 – How to Change

[mp3 – 8:16]

This is an important episode for me, since I share two clips that really affected my world view.

One of the things I intend to do in 2012 is find people who are doing something I wish more people would do & promote them. I strongly believe more people should build businesses, or take ownership in their life. Embrace freedom and liberty. This could mean being a great employee, building a side business, or building a business as the primary use of their time, energy, and brain power.

A business is simply a person or group striving to make trades so that what the business has or produces turns into more money than it took to gather or create the good or service.

I boil it down to – help people, or provide value to customers.

There are ways to make money that don’t fit into the win-win situation, but that’s not my focus. There is no fraud, corrosion, theft – I am going to promote people who see desire unfilled & fill it.

That is one of my foci for 2012.

T #2. Cube 61 – How to GTD

[mp3 – 06:45]

Many of the top downloads of this month are episodes I return to over and over. This one has been heavy on my mind since I am very motivated to accomplish some major tasks.

Some projects I pursue for a minimum amount of times, like Matt Cutts described. Other times I go through the process Seth Godin outlines.

This year I know I will do a few new things, but I also see major changes in my life … and that’s merely with the known. There is a lot still unknown, so I have to both try new stuff & leave enough room to add more later.

The final thing I’ve been thinking about is deadlines for reevaluation. Both with Seth & Matt the idea is to have a period of time, then you evaluate and move forward again. You don’t have to sign a life commitment to doing something, but you do need to act. However, I frequently see people who make life commitments with no system in place for reevaluation, and thus they keep doing something for too long … I am also very guilt of this, because I get caught up in just getting things done.

T #2. Cube 25 – How to Succeed

[mp3 – 7:47]

Success = the progressive realization of a worthy ideal

This past week I met with a friend who I had not seen in a while. We were talking & he said he thought Law School would be good for me. Law School does not appeal to me, neither does Business School, or most any advanced degree. I care about learning & this worthy ideal:

We need more businesses in the world.

With all that has happened over the past month, if not months, one thing I keep going back to – How can I help there be more businesses in the world?

I’ve learned to be financially independent & have been a non-conformist for most of my life. Now the focus is very small, first take care of my family, then after that … in the very limited time I have … help people who are providing private solutions to public problems. Most businesses and many organizations do just this.

Now that I am focusing on this, I am going to set some goals.

It’s what I will continue to think about … what is taking up time, energy, or brain power in my head?

T #4. Cube 53 – Unseen Freedom

[mp3 – 7:45]

Should some of the decisions you make be left to others?

The last statement in this clip really hit home. If we load up our lives with no room or margin then we are setting ourselves up for pain, suffering, or at least struggle down the line. It’s one thing to really push toward a goal in the short term – it’s another thing to have a lifestyle where you have no periods of rest, or ability to increase the work you do.

Due to the old English, I think this is one of the harder clips for me to listen to, but it is also a very deep one worth listening to from time to time.

T #4. Cube 60 – Overcoming Adversity


[mp3 – 06:45]

If you could not do that one thing that you really desire to do, you place your pride on, what would you do?

Some of the hardest times I’ve been through are times where the ideal path to my dreams is blocked. Something happened, good or bad, that has made life more complex. The advice of helping people, reaching out, connecting with those who support you is a great step anyone can take.


Closing Notes

The plan in late 2011 was to start a new season of Starting Cube in January 2012. Then we found out another baby is on the way, so I will be focusing on some other projects.

Cubes for the next season are being gathered, so if you find something that would fit please send it in.

The next season should begin in either May or August, with August being more likely. If you are interested in receiving news either sign up for the email list, like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or circle on Google Plus, wherever is natural for you.

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