SartingCube Top Downloads – September 2011

This is being released a little late, but for information & just the process of re-listening to each episode is really good.

#1. Cube 25 – How to Succeed

[mp3 – 10:30]
In September I took a good amount of time thinking about my thinking, which is talked about in this cube. I tried to go one step farther & wrote down both things I knew and know I do not know.

It inspired several posts, and has allowed me to relax on the release schedule for StartingCube. Even caused me to decide to take some time away from producing cubes. Now I am working on picking the things I need to do to progress towards my worthy goals.

Are you doing the same?

It’s no shock in a month with no new releases that this episode would be the highest downloaded, it’s that good.

T#2. Cube 63 – Pursuing Moving Cheese

[mp3 – 08:20]

Change happens. Ask anyone over the age of 30 and they can tell you of all types of changes in industries, technologies, and their community that has changed over time. We also live in a time where large groups of people are desiring change to occur, no matter if it is with the economy of government – generally people both desire and fear change.

This episode does a good job of sharing examples of people who have both adapted and hid in their shell, attempting to keep eating on the cheese that is already gone.

T#2. Cube 62 – Feedback & Signals: Little Things for Success


[mp3 – 07:11]

Incentives are vitally important in any organization. Feedback systems are ways to communicate the incentives to the people involved. This is something that I think about on a regular basis when working with clients, students, and partners.

T#2. Cube 61 – How to Get Things Done


[mp3 – 06:45]

This has been a great inspirational episode. Matt Cutts does a great job outlining a way to make major change in your life. The set a due date, outlined by Seth Godin, has also been used successfully many times.

I get out this episode every time I have a new idea for a venture.

T#5. Cube 47 – Culture Game : How to make or succeed in one



[mp3 – 8:05]

The right culture is important, this goes well with the incentives discussion in Cube 62 & many others.

It also applies to all organizations you might be involved with, especially those who have lasted a good period of time.

T#5. Cube 65 – Are Others Needed for Big Dreams?


[mp3 – 09:00]

Leadership is a word that many use, but often the speaker does not mean what you understand them to mean.

It’s a topic worth studying no matter where you are, for to achieve a big dream …

T#5. Cube 66 – Basics : Keys to Improving Your Results



[mp3 – 09:20]
Desperation is a strong motivator. It causes a person to develop a new and different solution to a monstrous situation.

Basics are always a good thing to review.

With Cube 66 being the last episode of Season 1, it’s a really good one to leave up for anyone, new or old.

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