SartingCube Top Downloads – October 2011

This is being released a little later than normal. Next week either here or on AllyNation something on the plans for Starting Cube, along with lessons learned shall be released.

With October, there were a couple more episodes that were tied with the others, but instead of highlighting all of them I limited the total to 6. It’s been great re-listening, thinking, and being reminded of the great ideas in each episode. You  might consider just pulling up the random cubes page from time to time and listening to one of them it draws for you.

T#1. Cube 53 – Unseen Freedom

[mp3 – 7:45]

Start small, focus on wants and needs of those who can pay & improve what you offer. This is a great business model anyone can follow, but the key is to start.

It’s encouraging to look at history and see how industries and products have evolved over time and understand that you don’t need to launch with the perfect product, simply launch with something someone is willing to pay for & build upon it. Sometimes, when you start, that someone is you – investing your own resources into the project.

T#1. Cube 25 – How to Succeed


[mp3 – 7:47]

What are you becoming?

This is a close second on the absolute all time most downloaded episode list & for good reason. It fits so perfectly with Cube 57. It outlines something that all people want & few achieve: Success

We are in a time where you have two groups of people:
1. those who want to be free to achieve & willing to work for it
2. those who want what they want & are willing to take from others to get it

This is not unique, but even if the second group is successful in forcing the wealth of the first group from them, given enough time the first group will still be better off and the second group will be in about the same place — because of what they are becoming.

T#3. Cube 29 – Freedom System

[mp3 – 6:43]

This really outlines a major difference between how I desire to build and do business, compared to others.

It’s interesting how he mentioned “what you are becoming” and focusing on needs – outlined in the previous two episodes.

I listen to this & realize there are some areas I need to study still.

T#3. Cube 34 – Life is too Complex for One Tweet

[mp3 – 6:20]

Soundbites tend to either be right what a person needs, or the opposite. People who tend to run hard at any project need to slow down, those who wait for perfection or all the green lights need to act. Just having one rule of thumb tends to have terrible results when the situation changes.

Figuring out who you want to help is a key part of doing anything involving trade or business.

T#3. Cube 49 – Price of Cheap : Paying Peanuts for Skyscrapers

[mp3 – 8:00]

Given enough time – you will hire someone to do something for you. It might be someone to clean your car, walk your dog, mow your grass, or something for your business. This episode is not exactly saying “you get what you pay for” but it is saying that if the market rate, or rate from someone you trust is significantly higher than another bid … monkeys might be involved.

This applies to both how you should price yourself, where you are not a monkey, and when hiring people.

T#3. Cube 64 – What to do Next

[mp3 – 07:30]

Some of the saddest times for me is when I go back through notes and see lessons I had realized years ago, but did not make a change.

One of the reasons I like sports is that they are always focused on achieving a worthy goal. Win the game, win the match, win the Superbowl, gold medal, or championship, but they also mirror the issues that we have in life.

I’ve learned a lot from sports, both participants and commentators, over the years about achieving success, but the biggest thing is dealing with failure.

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