SartingCube Top Downloads – June 2011

Just seemed like  a quick month. Something about summer & the stage of live I’m in makes it go by quick, but here are the top downloaded episodes in June and some of my thoughts on each.

#1. Cube 42 – Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

[mp3 – 4:55]

This was a fun episode because I worked in so many geeky jokes referencing sci fi, like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, where both the number 42 and the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” play a role in the story. One that had a major impact on the more technological culture (or geeks).

#2. Cube 43 – Feed The Network

[mp3 – 5:40]

Thinking of this combined with a prior Cube 28 When Blocked You … which looked at how the internet has changed the thinking of societies. The government attempts to prevent what the  citizens want by locking down the internet & the citizens work on a solution that gets the word out.

#3. Cube 40 – Risk & Fear

[mp3 – 6:40]

Most people don’t have a proper perspective on risk, nobody has a perfect understanding of all the risks we take on throughout life, but this episode highlights one major risk all employees take on and few realize.

A key to dealing with this risk is not starting a business. Many people who do still have most if not all their income tied to them doing something on a regular basis. As I see it, there are two things needed. First develop multiple ways you earn income. Second, learn more & expand your skills.

#4. Cube 46 – Survive, Upgrade & Win

[mp3 – 6:40]

I grew up running for elections in this special part of the Boy Scouts called the Order of the Arrow. Each election involved some candidate forum that in some regards is similar to what happens at the end of Survivor.

Anyone running for office, or doing any sales, marketing, or just trying to convince someone else of anything should listen to this one. Rob did a very skilful job working with people.

#5. Cube 25 – How To Succeed

[mp3 – 7:47]

Still a great listen. I am not sure if this episode or Cube 50 – How to Change is not my “First episode to listen to” but joined they are the first two. We are coming upon the six month mark of StartingCube, during this time a good part of time has been focused on finding great cubes that I and others can use to build their dreams. The biggest thing is that I have kept my mind focused and filled, it has helped.

It is interesting that this episode has been in the top 5 downloads every month since it was released. Not bad for a recording made over 75 years ago.

Looking Forward

I will be shocked if Cube 50 – How to Change is not one of the top downloaded episodes in July, if not longer. It really explains why I do many of the things I do, both on StartingCube and other places.

One idea is to have more posts highlighting sets of cubes.

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