New Artwork Gallery opened with 5 month Celebration

StartnigCube started 5 months ago today.

It’s been a wonderful five months, that has flown by. New parents are often told that the days are long and the years are short. With this show, the episodes creation has been long at times, but the months have been short.

We have released 44 episodes of StartingCube, reaching people in 48 countries around the world. With 30.92% of our visitors returning at least once.


5 episodes that have many people really liked … or hated:


Of the 44 episodes, they came from:

  • Books = 15 times
  • Podcasts = 16 times
  • Quotations = 3 times
  • Radio / Podcast = 2 times
  • Record = 1 time
  • Story Quotation = 1 time
  • tv shows = 4 times

Thanks to those who have provided feedback, promoted StartingCube, and build your dreams.



We have always had a unique image associated with each Cube. Now we have a way you can see them easier:

There are three types now:
Newest First
Oldest First

One thing you might consider doing is loading up the Random Artwork page each morning & listen to one of the episodes. This is a great way to fill your head with something worth pondering through the rest of the day.

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