Month Update 2 – looking for Feedback

Today we celebrate two months of Starting Cube being produced and released.

The focus of month 2 was to work on the workflow of producing a show & related materials.

One big question came up recently:

Where are all the comments?

In general, no matter the brand, but especially with websites you tend to have a growth curve where you are bumping along until you hit an inflection point & then the numbers take off.

This includes comments.

Only a small percent of people ever comment, call into a show, or send in feedback. The less “in public” the action is, the likely a group of people might be willing to do it.

I have seen this with StartingCube. More people talk with me one on one about episodes then post in the comments. More have sent in feedback. More have emailed a link to a friend.

Looking Forward

Now I am looking for feedback. Here is a limited time forum that I would like your answers; afterwords I’ll have a better idea how we can better serve you.

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