Month Update 1 – working on a subtitle

A few years ago I decided instead of just capturing quotations & clips I would record short episodes to use and share.
Over the years I have shared some with clients – both consulting & coaching, but it came a time I wanted to release some in a more public way.

The key I found was shared in Cube1 and Cube2 … just get started & take one step at a time.

The past Month
In the past month many things have changes or improved:

This all falls in line with the concept of finding the best website design over time – instead of developing the look without a good understanding of what really will happen.

Next Up
Over the next little while I have a few steps I desire to see happen with StaringCube:

  • a subtitle – I’ve realized that “Starting Cube” really does not explain what it is – a subtitle is needed (any ideas?)
  • community development – a goal really is to help others help others, over the next month I hope more interaction between the audience. Looking for people who will comment, or write on the topic & share with other audience members.

At some point in the future I will want more people involved. Could be as host of the show, or other roles. I already have people who help with proofreading writing when needed, but I am sure there are others out there who would like to submit clips, help decide upon clips, or other roles.

About Jon

Jonathan has a few foci in life: his family, helping people build organizations as a Coach, Adviser, Mentor, or Partner, and learning about success. Actively seeks opportunities to travel, sail, shoot pictures, play music & games, and create art.


  1. I have been giving this a little thought and I like the idea of a community. The people, and businesses that you help are in various stages of change, building, etc…the cube to me represents like a building block. So here is what I came up with: Starting Cube: Community of Sustainable Developers alternatively; Starting Cube: Nation of Sustainable Developers. Hope you found this helpful..God Bless

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