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We all make decisions every day. Then we live with the results.

This cube features Paul Winkler on his radio program he podcasts, The Investor Coaching Show, looking at an article about how some employer are striving to keep their best employees around. See if either yourself or your organization have been handcuffed due to past decisions.


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Starting Questions:

  1. Are there lifestyle changes you need to make to achieve a bigger dream?
  2. What does your organization promote for those involved?
  3. Has past decisions severely limited options you or your organization have today?
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Jonathan has a few foci in life: his family, helping people build organizations as a Coach, Adviser, Mentor, or Partner, and learning about success. Actively seeks opportunities to travel, sail, shoot pictures, play music & games, and create art.


  1. Yes, past decisions have made a negative impact on me achieving my goals and dreams. That is why they say hind sight is always 20/20. I am living my dream of owning my own business, and being the captain of my own destiny. In the last year, with the coaching of Ally Nation and the new information I pull from its podcasts, I am making great strides in building more confidence in myself as a business owner, decision maker and dream builder. I discovered Paul Winkler in association with Ally Nation. Paul now manages my asset portfolio. He and Mr Nation have a wealth of knowledge to share. Specifically, they both bring information to the investor and business owner that when applied one can become a great success.

    On the point of making bad decisions and how it has negatively impacted my future present. I made those decisions not knowing better. Now I do know better and I am improving in my understanding everyday. I had to make those decisions to realize I needed to go in a different direction.

    Debt does limit our choices and flexibility in life. I am 80%better at saving and 99% better at not spending now than I was when I first started on this path with Winkler, Ramsey and Nation. Debt has in the past forced me to take on clients that I knew it would of been better to decline. I had to take peanuts and be a monkey not by choice but out of necessity….(please listen to the “Price of Cheap” to understand this reference). I can make better choices now because the debt monkey is just about off my back.

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