Cube33 – Organizations: Machine or Human


This cube features a segment from the EconTalk episode Papola on the Keynes Hayek Rap Videos.

Russ Roberts & John Papola have worked together on, with two main rap videos:
Round 1: Fear the Boom and Bust
Round 2: Fight of the Century

In this cube, the focus is a problem facing everyone – how we make our lives better? If working through an organized group of people, business or not, the direction tends to either be one like building a robot, or focusing on the building block people.


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Starting Question:

How would you like to be treated as a part of a business or other organization?

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Jonathan has a few foci in life: his family, helping people build organizations as a Coach, Adviser, Mentor, or Partner, and learning about success. Actively seeks opportunities to travel, sail, shoot pictures, play music & games, and create art.

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