Cube30 – Short Term vs Long Term Thinking

We who are striving to build something great are optimists, and encouraged by good results. Paul Winkler, the investor coach,  talks with a caller to The Investor Coaching Show about when someone presents you an offer that seems great, but involves paying you to purchase or invest.


Then the conversation gets into how we react to positive results.


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Starting Question:

What was the best point, or thought that crossed your mind as you listened?

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  1. I didn’t realize that those sorts of things had fees attached to them! Definitely important for someone to look into! Thanks so much for the information!

    • Paul is really good at educating people about investing.

      The fine print on all contracts are important.

      As is taking the time to protect yourself – that is what the sales men were doing with the caller.

  2. Doing Pretty Good
    Relative Losses – Paul did not use the term exactly, but that is what he was talking about.

    You might seem to be doing well, making money, or whatever, but you don’t realize with some changes, you could be doing much better.

    There are some areas of my life where I have been “doing pretty good” but really could be doing much better.

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