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Before you achieve your goal, there are steps you need to take, but the hardest is often the first.


Andy Traub on Business Tech Weekly 71 speaks about him asking, taking the initiative, and producing a product in an hour and a half that will help others.


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Starting Questions:

  1. When has been a situation where you were scared to do something, did it & was thrilled with the results?
  2. What do you have that others value enough to pay you for?
  3. What step have you been avoiding that you need to take today?
  4. … … what questions came to your mind as you listened?
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  1. posted a little over 15 minutes of audio on my personal site : titled: You have to Ask – About StartingCube24

    Some of the topics include:
    – why I picked the pix for this ep
    – You have to ask
    – Don’t aim for perfection
    – Do the best work you can & work to improve as you Help People

    direct link to MP3:

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