Cube0023 – Genius of the And

Have you ever been involved in an organization that had an internal conflict, like in a non-profit the fund-raising vs program people?

Jim Collins shows how to build an enduring great company in Built To Last. Built to Last is recommend only after his later book Good To Great; Cube4 – The Good View came from that Good To Great.


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Starting Questions:

  1. What seemingly Conflicting goals do you have?
  2. Have you seen a group, business, or organization do a great job  with “And”?
  3. … … what questions came to your mind as you listened?
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  1. Q1. I have a goal to work on my business and a list of tasks to do there and a goal to be visible and useful in working in my business. These goals coincide at times-I am learning to peel one finger at a time away from the day to day operations. My question to you. How do I build an effective workforce of creative and visionary workers?
    Q2. Agape Animal Rescue-They seem to do well with fundraising, building relationships, networking and community involvement etc.
    Q3. Is too much of one thing bad? Without balance would there be chaos. The And can be taking on too much but I am here to stretch, learn and grow. How do you find the right kinds of people…how to know if you can trust or not- my success is much bigger than just me….I have visions of helping a multitude of people.

    • I’m not 100% sure how to go about it, but it sounds like recruiting people with a variety of strengths and trusting their judgement is the only way to do it.

      I’m picturing a body. You have processes that have to run smoothly for life to go on (fundraising) and mental/motor activity that has to function well for anything useful to happen.
      Neither set of systems can do the job of the other, yet both are part of the same being.

      Finding the right people is a mind-boggling adventure because you really CAN’T know if they’ll work out until they’ve proven themselves, and they can’t prove themselves without being given a chance.

    • “How do I build an effective workforce of creative and visionary workers?”

      There are at least two schools of thought on this, I’ll just look at the one I like better:
      – you have to recruit visionary & creative people – you cannot cause them to become that, it just takes too much time and energy & the success rate is too low.

      This question makes me think of Cube 22 Coloring Sheep.

      Part of it is probably to build a ecosystem, or a big sandbox, where they have flexibility in what they do, but a system that keeps the incentives good.

      ” Is too much of one thing bad? Without balance would there be chaos.”
      Is chaos always bad?

      Would too much love be bad? Would too much helping others be bad? Would too many/much great products, or supply of goods/services be bad?

      On the “too much = bad” question, I suspect the answer is “yes, however judging what the quantitative amount is ‘too much’ is hard”

      I have seen some really neat stuff come out of chaotic situations (or unstructured situations) … sometimes due to an individual or group bringing some order to chaos, other times not, but in the end, without the chaos the spontaneous order would not be possible.

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