Cube0016 – Getting Approved To Build Your Dream

No matter who you work with, clients, vendors, family, or friends, if you are striving to build something great you will need to gain approval, or buyin at some point in time.

Dave Ramsey on Dave Ramsey Show Podcast took an email where a husband is trying to convince his reluctant spouse to start on the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps.


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Starting Questions:

  1. Do you have a vision for where you are heading?
  2. How have you improved your ability to explain the plans you have to others?
  3. Are there judgments of how others have achieved greatness that prevents you from doing the same?
  4. … add your own questions for others below …
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Jonathan has a few foci in life: his family, helping people build organizations as a Coach, Adviser, Mentor, or Partner, and learning about success. Actively seeks opportunities to travel, sail, shoot pictures, play music & games, and create art.


  1. Let me first say that I did not like Dave Ramseys’ attitude in that clip. He accused the lady “SNOT” of being arrogant and judgemental. I guess the old saying is true…you spot it you got it. Because his response was the same as her to her husband about his e-fund idea. A mind slamming shut is what it is. Let me also say, not a whole lot of people on the West Coast even know who Ramsey is. To his credit, he is so heavily marketed here that everyone ascribes him as some kind of guru. He has experience and he has learned thru those experience and it is quite honorable that he chooses to make a living by sharing those experiences. The information he shares is not new information. That clip touched a nerve because I didn’t know he was so opinnionated and arrogant himself.

    Question 1. I have short and long term goals. My short term goals are managing the image, sustainability

  2. Q1 continued- and productivity of my business by building a community of visionaries that celebrate and support the mission of my business. I have short term goals and longterm goals.
    Q2 Some of the explaination has come over time. There is a lot to be said for staying in the moment. I believe that is where some of my greatest inspiration comes from is to plan a trip but not pack your bags is a metaphor I can use. As time goes along I gather more information and my inspiration flows more naturally than from a plan that is fixed and inflexible. Plans don’t allow for hiccups, or if I squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube there is no putting it back in. Sharing information with others from a standpoint of building community is how I operate my business. I need to think more about this questionion..

  3. Q3. Well, obviously I should have read ahead on the questions. Because I think Dave Ramsey is an arrogant snot. Is that bcause he has made millions and I haven’t. All I know at this point is that clip pissed me off. I will have to think about that. I partly am afraid to want more because I have this fundamental core belief that money corrupts and it is a very fine line to walk between having it and worshipping it.

    • I look forward to your reaction to the clip already scheduled to be released Tuesday.

      Both this episode and the one for Tuesday were produced the same day & I was thinking about how well they go together yesterday.

  4. Q4. What are your ideas about having wealth? My Dad use to say, “Being poor isn’t bad but it sure is inconvenient.” 🙂

    • You can only help people out of strength.

      An employee helps the employer out of the employees area of strength (time, energy, talents) … and vise verse (employer has time, structure, systems).

      I am attempting to be stronger in my personal finances partially because I cannot give money that I do not have.

      I am attempting to be stronger in my business finances so I can invest in more systems, businesses, and causes I like.

      Amassing wealth (piling up money) is being a good steward of my time, energy, and resources because money is simply an accounting method of providing value to the world.

  5. After contemplating this episode, it was suggested to me to listen to Episode 10 of Starting Cube. I went back and listened to the clip from “The Art of Non-Conformity,” where the author describes a scenario of 5 monkeys in a cage and all the monkeys agree to stay where they are even though there are bananas at the top of the cage. They choose to eat the rancid rotten food where they are instead of changing. One little detail that I left out is that one day a monkey decides to go to the top of the cage to get a banana and gets sprayed in the face with cold water. It all boils down to an idea that sometimes we get stuck in a rut and do things the way they have always been done or because “they” say this is the way we have always done things…etc. This story is very encouraging to those of us who will stop at nothing to achieve our goal and to encourage those who are unmotivated to make a change…so you get sprayed in the face with cold water or the impetous to death is that we will be told “No.”

    • when I suggested Cube10 ( ) I was thinking of it like this:

      Later on in the story of the monkeys after none of the monkeys have been sprayed with water … a new monkey is introduced. He then goes to climb up & grab the banana. The other monkeys (who have not been sprayed) pull him down and stop him.

      The wife is one of the group. The husband is wanting to climb the ladder … Dave was fighting for the lone monkey, against the people attempting to pull him down.

      The other thing I thought about, after reading your comments Kimberley, Dave Ramsey acctually shows two methods for causing change in people (sorta like you mentioned below).
      1. in your face confrunting with facts, or strong emotion
      2. explanation, vision casting, etc

      I’m also reminded of this post:

      If the goal of Dave (and the husband) is to cause action, there are two ways to really motivate people:
      Towards & Away
      Dave hit both in this clip.

  6. After writing out some thoughts and explaining the story of the five monkeys, I have had a moment to reflect on my reaction to the clip from the Dave Ramsey Show. Maybe the clip was the cold water in my face. The reaction itself is not necessarily a bad thing but it made me think a lot of why I hold the beliefs I do about money, So, he was a little crass about the guys wife. He could of been trying to provoke a change in the guy on the phone. His problem isn’t his wife at all. The husband calls into Dave’s show making his wife the scapegoat for making a real change in his own life. Let’s say Dave knew that. He(Dave) goes after the woman the guy loves, or at least he appreciates her opinion, There are so many dynamics at work here it would be hard to comment further without knowing the people involved or Dave’s motive for saying what he did.

    • Maybe Dave was just being honest, but I found his dwelling on the ‘down south’ thing uncalled for. It didn’t really add to his answer. But the ‘talk more about what and why’ till people get on board sounds like really good advice.


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