Cube0012 – Need a Cake Biz Ace

Ace of Cakes on FoodNetwork & Charm City Cakes

After 4 years and 100 episodes, Duff talks about what he sees that he accomplished by starting a business & hiring his friends, or at least people he liked.

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Jonathan has a few foci in life: his family, helping people build organizations as a Coach, Adviser, Mentor, or Partner, and learning about success. Actively seeks opportunities to travel, sail, shoot pictures, play music & games, and create art.


  1. Coming from working in the healthcare profession and a stint in corporate america before busting out of the shackles, my perspective on this episode is that Duff made a choice to work with people he liked and to break out of the cookie cutter( no pun intended) pastry school model. Often times curricula stifles creativity. Guillebeau, author of The Art of NonConformity touches on this idea in his recommendation of pursuing an education in the world through varied experiences with cultures, disciplines, ideologies. Duff takes people that have a similar world view and encourages creativity and pleasure in making their product. Last evening I went to my investment coaches office for a workshop on Financial Planning. I learned a lot but one thing I observed was the relationships between the people in his office. One of the gentleman said, “Paul takes us out to icecream every Friday…the CPA for our office says our Ice Cream bill is rediculous.” That little thing that Paul does every week makes a huge difference in morale and general feeling of well being in the office. There was no energy of we have to do this…it was more of we want to do this. Self Determination is extremely important and I am becoming more and more aware of its import.

  2. Would you ever hire a friend? Why?

    • My friends know my dreams goals and aspirations and I know theirs. We could support each other in getting to where we want to go. Your friends typically share the same world view that you have. I have had experiences in the past where it can be strained working with friends. My friends dont like being told what to do. However, participation with the right approach and communication that is effective harmony can been achieved.

  3. How do you find great vendors, employees, team members, or partners?

    • I do business with people who are actively trying to help others to make the world a better place. I guess I seek other like minded people to do business. By seeking out the will of God in my life everyday, He brings me the greatest teachers, employees, and team members. I cannot find these people sitting in the closet praying for a hotdog for I will surely starve to death

  4. Do you have fun at taking on big challenges? Would you have more fun if you had great people you enjoy working with working on those big challenges with you?

  5. What are the big fun challenges you take on?

    • Spirituality plays a very large role in most of my decisions. I am growing into a person who avoids conflict. I pursue people who seek solutions to challenges. Of course I would be happy to be a spoke in the wheel evolving to greater and more challenging pursuits in life and business. I love the Mission of Critter Care Smyrna and would welcome others who share or have something to contribute in the pursuit of its mission.
      The Big Fun Challenges I take on are working with an animal who clearly does not trust people and or strangers. Earning their trust slowly over time. Sending their owner or someone who is caring for them; a foster parent for an example a video of the dog licking another dogs face or sitting in my lap licking my face. I have a dog who growls at me every time I touch his head like he is going to bite me. I pet him a little everytime I see him…he is slowly starting to realize that everytime I touch him on his neck or head he is not being mauled by another dog.

  6. To me, the best thing that Duff did was:
    1. recruit the best people he could (those who would fit the culture of the group – with the best skills second)
    2. let them do what they do best
    3. support them & develop them

    This is based on watching the show for years & fits in with the ideas in several books. Cubes related include:
    and the book Good To Great:

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