Cube0011 – Why Me?

You have a vision for the or present that you desire of believe should happen. Many times our plans don’t work out, and sometimes we ask “Why Me?”

In QBQ! The Question Behind the Question,  John G. Miller deals with the questions we ask, and how improving the questions we ask will help us deal with stress, disappointment & change.

This Cube comes form the 6th and 7th chapters:

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  1. Awesome! Am I living in the problem or the solution? My approach and follow thru make the difference in my level of stress. If I run thru the house screaming fire am I putting out the fire or just stressing myself and everyone around me?
    Some things I can handle myself and there are times when I can ask for help.
    The pilot explained calmly and was able to think more clearly. The companionship of his daughter may have helped his focus. Metaphorically speaking, I thought about what if the daughter represented God someone to turn to in our time of need. God does not interfere with our decisions and He does not tell others that we love how we screwed up. For this will increase their stress…..

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